V3 Electric Scooters!



V3 was developed by a well known fine artist in South Florida who saw a need for this unique transportation while traveling abroad in the busy city streets of NYC, Paris, London, and others. He met Triad while vacationing in Honolulu, Hawaii and began a long standing relationship with the brand for this well known association in the electric vehicle market. V3 believes in the power of electric motion, craftsmanship, artistry, and performance. V3 Where Art meets Motion.

From the Retailer “We have worked with Triad Electric Vehicles for many years in the electric scooter market and have found the quality to be superior in every way. We have outsold every restock with hundreds and counting to customers from Miami, Delray Beach, Orlando and have both rented and retailed the Triad with locations in South Beach Miami, Fort Lauderdale and beyond creating longstanding relationships within the community. We have consistently outranked in performance and as a rental it is unmatched for its ease in maintenance and durability.

The care Triad has always provided for us over the years has helped us grow as a business and given us a platform of trust for our customers. With our first large order we learned how in demand this vehicle really was and the power it harnessed within the industry for a durable longstanding vehicle that customers could not only rely on but one that was changing lives. I once said to myself its so wonderful to see my customers always smiling! Currently we are selling business to business wholesale orders only. But you can see our customers enjoying scooters on the streets of Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami pretty much everywhere! Happy riding!”


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