Triad is the only true 750 motor!


There are similar looking units on the market who claim to have 750-watt motors. But these are not actual 750-watt motors.

Triad Electric Vehicles supplies the “Best in Class” most reliable, highest quality three-wheeled personal electric scooter vehicle products available. Triad Electric Vehicles is the only company that offers a “true” 750-watt motor and a true 48v electrical system. With tons of power and stored energy to spare, the Triad 750 is the most durable, longest lasting personal electric vehicle available.

There are similar looking units on the market who claim to have 750-watt motors. But these are not actual 750-watt motors. It’s easy to see that they cannot reach the speeds or have the torque that the Triad 750 personal electric vehicle offers. The fact is that these “knock off” products are often times 270 watt or 350 watt motors that are over amped in the motor controller to draw extra power from the battery.

In an effort to improve profits, companies buy cheaper motors and have their engineers advance the stall current of smaller 270w and 350w motors amplifying the voltage from the batteries with the motor controller. This significantly reduces the motor’s free current, which is energy drawn when the motor is rotating freely at maximum speed, under no load2 other than friction and back-emf forces in the motor itself.

Advancing the stall current and reducing the free current in the motor creates a rapid deterioration of the battery, motor and controller causing total unit failure 2-3 times faster and often times within 180 recharge cycles. That’s usually within about 6 months of daily use based on a 150 lb. operator. Increased weight capacity of the rider will cause an even faster decline of the lifespan of our competitor’s products.

Additionally, even if you see a product that claims to have 48v batteries (4 12v batteries in succession) all of the electrical components of those units are still 36v, which make it impossible to get an accurate battery charge reading, shorting out of the electronic components is extremely common, and the total weight of the unit soars to about 120 lbs. which is nearly 2X the weight of the Triad 750 personal electric vehicle.

Triad Electric Vehicles is committed to manufacturing innovative, durable, environmentally friendly transportation. We strive to provide the best zero emission personal transportation vehicles available with our immediate focus on wholesale distribution. Contact us today for pricing for your needs. Call 855-64-TRIAD (855-648-7423) or email for more information.

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