Triad Supports Bridge 2 Rwanda

We don’t just make vehicles, we make a difference! Richard Siegler: Special thanks to Hanna Gray for sponsoring Sylvie, and Sylvie’s (step) mom Larissa Daniels to receive her Triad 750! We are so excited to see you move with ease around campus in the U.S.!
X“Oh my goodness, Cory!!!!  I am in tears!!!!  It’s beautiful!  Thank you so much for your updates & excellent customer service.  It’s a rare thing to receive these days.  Appreciate you so much!  Can’t wait for Sylvie to take it for a spin!!!!”
Blessings to you! Larissa Daniels XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X “I am very excited and relieved at the same time to not have to walk all around campus again. I am very grateful to the 3 of you and Mr. Graves of all the efforts you put in finding a solution to my locomotion problem and I believe this Triad is going to help me a lot.” Sylvie

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