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Our Brand

Triad is one of the world’s most popular vehicles in the electric vehicle market today. As a pioneer of innovation and cutting-edge advancements for 3 wheel scooter electric vehicles, we have become one of the most sought out companies globally. We are a rapidly growing company with a variety of locations where you can visit our product from showrooms to convention centers, country to country.

Our reach is expanding internationally along with our brand and you will most likely see a Triad or possibly even a fleet at your local beach, school, or entertainment venue globally. We’ve had the privilege to serve military veterans, police officers, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters on 6 continents (North and South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa).

Corporations and Organizations

Corporations and Organizations have allowed us the great opportunity to serve them and we thank them every day for believing in our product as we line their factories, campuses, hallways and move their people around special events. Just to name a few: Mercy Hospital, University of Miami Orthopedic, VCA, Masonite, Uline, Universal Studios, Woodward Inc. Corporate headquarters subsidiaries for General Electric, RSR Group, Bethune Cookman University, Ardagh Group, we thank you! We strive to be our best  through our continued dedication to excellence in custom manufacturing.

Direct Manufacturing

As a direct manufacturer, we provide our 3 wheel scooter products for Retailers, Corporations, Organizations, Theme Parks, small businesses, and more. Our vehicles have been used in many ways, and each and every person has their own unique story we love to be a part of.

Every so often we choose 3 of our favorite businesses or stories that have made a difference to not only us but others. This month we are choosing 3 of our Retailers both nationally and internationally.  These Retailers are shining examples of hard working companies that have a passion for Triad Electric Vehicles and the customers they sell to, finding great importance in long term relationships with the customers they serve.

Retailer Spotlight

We celebrate these 3 Retailers because they deserve a standing ovation for the level of service they provide, for the change they make every day with their hard work, and for the passion they exude with both their dedication to customers and to the Triad EV.

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Now serving New Zealand! We are so excited and proud to be able to introduce kiwis to the Triad brand.

We believe, through personal experience, that these 3 wheel electric scooters will enable many NZ’ers to live life more fully and give them opportunities that they otherwise may not have.  Hence our business name “Freedom Ventures”.

After experiencing a life-changing back injury, I began searching for a light-weight versatile scooter to enable me to utilize our many scenic cycle-ways with my friends and family.  We came across Triad 750 electric vehicles and were very impressed by the quality and features of these fantastic scooters. The ability to stand up while motoring is a great feature for users where sitting can be an issue.  Standard mobility scooters do not offer the freedom and versatility that the Triad scooters do.

Triad Electric Vehicles stand out from the rest and we look forward to being able to bring them to NZers.

For information on how to get your new Triad 750 in New Zealand visit:  Highlights info row image +64 27 333 1703

electric scooters for sale, 3 wheel scooters for adults, electric scooters for adults


Tri-CAN Mobile is a passionate part of the Triad family and an outstanding Retailer for the future success of Triad’s brand of excellence. Tri-Can Mobile is caring for customers unlike any other and providing quality service and expertise originating from personal experience and a long history of entrepreneurship in health, business and management. We at Triad Electric Vehicles are extremely excited to offer service not only in this Canadian province and beyond to our new Triad future owners outside the U.S., but also to work with a company that represents our founding principles well.

From our Retailer:  “We liked the Triad 750 electric scooters so much; we wanted to introduce it to Canada!”

We have personally experienced the life changing aspect of Triad’s 3 wheel scooter. We have spent the last 35 years helping Canadians apply effective solutions for meeting their individual needs.

We have experience with:

  • improving business efficiency by using time effectively
  • helping reduce individual isolation by improving access to their community
  • working with community members to reduce environmental impacts
  • bringing security and freedom to Canadian lives

We recognize that the Triad 750 electric scooter is a product that addresses many of these concerns and look forward to introducing you to your own Triad 750. Whether it’s for business, personal fun or mobility support, let us introduce you to a “Gateway to Freedom!”

From an owner: As a person with a degenerative mobility condition, it became clear that I would have to consider a motorized scooter, or become one of life’s spectators; not my style!  I browsed the market, looking for something light weight, reliable, and usable inside and out.  My first purchase was a significant disappointment, both in terms of the product and follow up support.  Back to the drawing board but, this time, I had a better understanding of what I needed.  That’s when I saw the Triad Electric Vehicle.

I haven’t turned back.  In the past year, I have: taken it on (very hilly) hiking trails (much better than being left behind), cruised suspended bridges (to spectators applause), participated in a 15 block city shopping excursion (in downtown Ottawa), shopped a 3 story IKEA store and an outlet mall in1 day, (by myself!) attended trade shows, 2 circuits (and not exhausted afterward) taken camping trips (I can volunteer to go to the canteen without taking the truck), done office errands (without the car) walked the dog (which has been my husband’s sole responsibility), won first prize in our local parade (in the bike division) accompanied by our dog, finished a day at the zoo with energy to spare AND able to carry gear for others.

But, the crown jewel was 7 days in Varadero, Cuba at a resort.  Airports were overcome, not dreaded, and I could manage my own luggage.  I was able to do an excursion to old Havana, which otherwise would have been out of the question.  No worries about forgetting a necessity back at the room because I would have to trouble my husband to walk back for it.  Typically, my stamina would allow 1 day of physical activity resulting in a half day’s rest; not this time.  But the unexpected “cherry on top” was its attraction for people.  No matter where I was, people came to talk, old and young (especially men), wanting to understand how it works, how fast and far will it go; I was told by one of the staff it was the talk of the resort.  It made me happy and appreciate what I have.

So, why wouldn’t I want to share this “Gateway to Freedom” with more Canadians?  What better way for a customer to become an Authorized Retailer? Highlights info row image +1-902-237-3114

Electric Scooters for Sale Personal Electric Vehicles Triad 750 mobility scootersOFFICIAL AUTHORIZED RETAILER OF TRIAD ELECTRIC VEHICLES

If there is a place to call home for the Triad it’s with Lake Erie Scooters. Lake Erie Scooters has been a loyal and dedicated Retailer of the Triad 750 3 wheel scooter for many years and have year after year always maintained customer satisfaction ratings from our very unique intelligent buyers.

They are reliably and consistently stocked with fresh new inventory to meet a customers needs! If you are looking for the latest up to date Triad750 then Lake Erie is the retailer you can trust will provide that for you. They are unmatched in person to person business, getting to know their customers like family and will go the distance to be sure you are taken care of.

We are proud to work alongside them and support them fully as veteran Triad providers.From our Retailer : “From today’s “hip”(my word, not theirs) college student, to the most senior of senior citizens, to our loved and respected Wounded Warriors, there’s a Triad 750 model that fits the bill.”

Lake Erie Scooters is scheduling demonstrations and is fully stocked and ready to meet your needs! Don’t miss out on this special opportunity to own a vehicle that can change your life! Its helping others around the world find their freedom! That same freedom can be yours!”   Highlights info row image 814-440-6937

Electric Scooters for Adults, Electric Scooters for Sale, 3 Wheel Electric Scooters for Adults