Minneapolis, MN!

Electric scooters, electric scooters for adults, electric scooters for sale, 3 wheel scooters, 3 wheel scooters for sale, 3 wheel mobilityOFFICIAL AUTHORIZED RETAILER OF TRIAD ELECTRIC VEHICLES


One of our most popular retailers for the Triad 750 mainly known for their extra services that come uniquely tailored for their Triad inventory. They were the first to work alongside Triad to provide the specially designed winter tire, and always find a unique spin on their accessory services. They are truly Triad enthusiasts at heart and find every way to show their admiration for the vehicles in a way that makes them stand out as one of our key providers of the Triad750!

From our Retailer “We provide customer focused service and support! Some of our services include free demonstrations within 100 miles of Minneapolis, no charge for setup, accessory installations, flat fee for service, and more.”


Electric Scooters for Adults, Electric Scooters for Sale, 3 Wheel Electric Scooters for Adults