Edinboro, PA!

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If there is a place to call home for the Triad it’s with Lake Erie Scooters. Lake Erie Scooters has been a loyal and dedicated Retailer of the Triad 750 for many years and have year after year always maintained customer satisfaction ratings from our very unique intelligent buyers. They are reliably and consistently stocked with fresh new inventory to meet a customers needs! If you are looking for the latest up to date Triad750 then Lake Erie is the retailer you can trust will provide that for you. They are unmatched in person to person business, getting to know their customers like family and will go the distance to be sure you are taken care of.  We are proud to work alongside them and support them fully as veteran Triad providers.

From our Retailer : “From today’s “hip”(my word, not their’s) college student, to the most senior of senior citizens, to our loved and respected Wounded Warriors, there’s a Triad 750 model that fits the bill.” Lake Erie Scooters is scheduling demonstrations and is fully stocked and ready to meet your needs!

Don’t miss out on this special opportunity to own a vehicle that can change your life! Its helping others around the world find their freedom! That same freedom can be yours!”


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