Napier, New Zealand

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A message from Freedom Ventures:

We believe, through personal experience, that these electric scooters will enable many NZ’ers to live life more fully and give them opportunities that they otherwise may not have.  Hence our business name “Freedom Ventures”.

After experiencing a life-changing back injury, I began searching for a light-weight versatile scooter to enable me to utilize our many scenic cycle-ways with my friends and family.  We came across Triad 750 electric vehicles and were very impressed by the quality and features of these fantastic scooters. The ability to stand up while motoring is a great feature for users where sitting can be an issue.  Standard mobility scooters do not offer the freedom and versatility that the Triad scooters do.


Electric Scooters for Adults, Electric Scooters for Sale, 3 Wheel Electric Scooters for Adults