Orlando, Florida!

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RENT A TRIAD 750 TODAY at the Orange County Convention Center


  …its still going strong year after year! Bravo!

From the Logistics and Corporate Events Manager, Chad Stott:

“The convention center staff are very impressed. We have found that piece that gives us the edge.” Also “CORY (Wholesale Director of Manufacturing and Acquisitions at Triad Electric Vehicles) IS INCREDIBLE” …. He knows that the best knowledge is at our staff level…He makes adjustments according to our recommendations.

From our President at Triad Electric Vehicles:

“We love our ongoing work with the Orange County Convention Center! We are so excited for their wholesale order of the Triad 750 for this 2.1 million square feet establishment. Its been an amazing venue  for people to explore the Triad SE and all of its amazing capabilities for many years. This Triad SE was specially designed by our team with indoor tires to meet the requirements of the Convention Center! Its truly a beautiful space where the Triad is right at home as one of the most popular forms of transportation within the beauty this spectacular interior space.”

Electric Scooters for Adults, Electric Scooters for Sale, 3 Wheel Electric Scooters for Adults