Newhall, CA!


Now serving Newhall California and the surrounding area! Meeting all the standards of Triad Electric Vehicles promise for excellence in customer care. We believe strongly that customer care is at the heart of Triad Electric Vehicles and that is why we work hard to represent company’s like Tri Cali Scooters who believe in our same standards.  If you live in Southern California don’t miss their  15-20 minute live demonstrations of the Triad 750! Call now to order your Triad 750! 661-253-1225

When you do make your purchase from Tri Cali 5% of net proceeds will go to the National MS Society.

From our Retailer ” Owner Bridget Sandoval.  My husband Jacques has MS and this device allows him travel and enjoy many places with me.  We have traveled by air and cruise ship which would not have been possible without his Triad 750.

It is fun for every one of all ages no matter their physical condition. The 3 wheel hardware design offers a much more stable platform for safety and the lowest cost of maintenance compared to any other software based 2 wheeled self-balancing style personal transporters.

Please visit our website to see specifications of our product.  If you are interested, please contact us with any questions about our 2016 Triad 750 personal electric vehicle.”

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