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Triad Electric Vehicles manufactures the most dependable, most durable and most reliable 3 wheel electric scooter for adults. Triad 750 electric scooters for adults are the original 3 wheel electric scooter for adults in this class. The entire design and quality of manufacturing will far exceed any other 3 wheel electric scooters for sale. Triad specializes in custom manufacturing with innovative American design, US based customer service and the highest quality shipping. We work with Retailers and Entrepreneurs worldwide offering strategic alliances and quality craftsmanship of our newly designed Triad 750 electric scooter for adults.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the difference between the Triad 750 and others that may look similar?

A: The Triad 750 3 wheel electric scooter for adults is manufactured to the highest American quality standards compared to all the knockoff brands out there that “look” like the Original Triad 750. The specifications of these look-a-likes are not completely honest in order to make them seem better than they really are. They all utilize outdated technologies with and there is no quality control built into the product. To be sure you are ordering an Original Triad 750 please call us for more details.

Triad Electric Vehicles builds quality into our electric scooters for adults. As the manufacturer, our electric scooters for adults come standard with the most advanced technologies available. This provides the longest lasting value to our customers. Triad 750 electric scooters for adults are more durable, more reliable, and are safer 3 wheel electric scooters for adults than ANY of look-a-like electric scooters. Triad 750 electric scooters are engineered for adults. The Triad 750 EXCLUSIVELY comes standard with the most powerful “CERTIFIED” 750W motor, the latest in today’s modern electric vehicle battery technology, headlight, tail light, brake lights, higher quality brakes that stop on inclines, higher quality and more simplified electrical components for the lowest cost of maintenance. The Triad 750 has the shortest recharge time available, the most recharge cycles, the longest distances per charge, and the Triad 750 electric scooters for adults are the lightest weight 3 wheeled electric scooters that offer the highest weight capacities.

In comparison to the all the look-a-likes out there, only the Original Triad 750 electric scooters for adults are 33% lighter weight, offer 4X more “natural” power, provide 24X longer battery life, charge in 1/2 the time or less, an are manufactured with much higher quality components to provide our customers years of dependable use.

With your new Triad 750, you have up to 12 different colors to choose from, and you will enjoy the over 50 engineering enhancements as standard options, along with a company that believes in innovation and bringing you the best of the best!


OEM Triad 750 Batteries vs. The Other Knockoff Brands’ Lead Acid Batteries

1)   Weight: Triad Electric Vehicle batteries are one-tenth the weight of our competitors’ lead acid batteries. The Triad Electric Vehicles battery is by far the safest, longest lasting and the most advanced batteries available for any 3 wheel personal electric vehicle. There is only one 6 lb. battery in the Original Triad 750; and there is up to 60 lbs. of lead acid batteries in most of those knockoff brands out there. SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries are very, very, very heavy. Lead is the heaviest non-radioactive metal and lead acid batteries simply are not a good choice because weight is always a factor in choosing an electric vehicle.

2)   Ease of Use: Only Triad Electric Vehicles batteries are easily removable and they can be charged outside the vehicle. The knockoff brands’ out there use lead acid batteries that are hard wired and cannot be removed.

3)   Energy Density: Triad Electric Vehicle batteries have the highest energy density per kilogram available. By comparison, lead acid batteries have the lowest energy density per kilogram. Lead acid batteries only have about 50% usable energy. Triad batteries have 80-100% usable energy. It takes 8 – 16 full hours to recharge lead acid batteries compared to the Triad Electric Vehicles battery; which recharges in less than 4 hours. For example, if you discharge 25% of the battery it only takes 1 hour to charge.

4)   Efficiency: Triad Electric Vehicle batteries are nearly 100% efficient in both charge and discharge. The knockoff competitors’ lead acid (SLA) batteries’ complete inefficiency leads to a loss of amps even while charging. Discharging lead acid batteries occurs rapidly, and lead acid batteries drop voltage during use, further reducing the batteries’ capacity to hold energy during the next charge. Lead acid batteries are extremely inefficient compared to Triad Electric Vehicle batteries.

5)   Discharge: Triad Electric Vehicle batteries are discharged at 90% versus lead acid batteries which are not recommended beyond more than 50% depth of discharge. On an average full charge stop and go 0-12 mph daily driving, a 300 lb rider can go up to 16 miles without losing power or voltage over the entire lifetime of the Triad battery. The knockoff brands always make exaggerated claims of distance you can travel on a single charge with lead acid batteries. In reality, even with brand new lead acid batteries, you can only travel less than half the distance that they claim. Lead acid batteries do not have the capacity to hold and discharge enough energy to support the distance claims made by the no-name brands.

6)   Cycle Life: Rechargeable Triad Electric Vehicle batteries can be charged 800-1200 times throughout their lifetime, compared to just 150-200 cycles in lead acid batteries. Cycle life is greatly affected by much higher levels of discharge in lead acid, versus only slightly being affected in Triad Electric Vehicle batteries. The more you use and charge and discharge lead acid batteries, the less voltage is available in them and the less distance you can travel with a knockoff brand electric scooter. In daily use, lead acid batteries will only provide enough energy for a few months of use before noticing the signs that replacements will soon be required. The Triad Electric Vehicles battery will perform for 16,000-24,000 miles overall on average throughout its lifetime when properly maintained. You can enjoy peace of mind with many years of reliable use with the Triad batteries.

7)   Voltage: Triad Electric Vehicle batteries maintain their voltage output throughout the entire discharge cycle. This allows for greater and longer-lasting efficiency of all the electrical components. Lead acid batteries’ voltage drops consistently throughout each discharge cycle. This rapid drop in voltage with lead acid batteries will eventually cause all of the electrical components to fail in the knockoff brand electric scooters. Some components will fail more quickly. These very common failures of the knockoff brands include burning up the batteries, destruction of the motor controller, throttle failure, and motor burnout. Total unit failure is common in these knockoff brands within a relatively short amount of time because the inherent voltage discharge problem of lead acid batteries is compounded with the knockoff brands multiplying the amount of energy from the battery to the motor in the controller (sometimes 300% more) to try and fool you into believing the scooter is more powerful than it really is. Once you add the weight of the rider, or load, it is very common to experience the rapid deterioration of lead acid batteries. Triad batteries can operate normally under 10 times the load capacity of lead acid batteries.

8)   Cost: The true cost of ownership of Triad Electric Vehicle batteries is far less than any knockoff brand’s lead acid battery when considering life span and performance. For every 1 Triad battery you will need to replace the knockoff brand’s lead acid batteries 24 times. That is a total of having to purchase up to 100 of their batteries for the one Triad battery included in your vehicle. At an average of $200 per battery change for the knockoff brand, you would spend well over 500% more in the long run compared to the original Triad battery. You will also have to plan on the additional cost of replacing many of the knockoff brand’s components many times over also because the deterioration of lead acid battery voltage is going to cause the components to fail very, very frequently.

9)   Environmental Impact: Triad Electric Vehicle batteries are a much cleaner technology and are safer for the environment.

Triad Electric Vehicle batteries deliver higher-quality performance in a safer, lighter weight, longer-lasting package.

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Q: What are the FCL container maximum carton quantities?
  • A 20′ container equals 100 cartons.
  • A 40′ container equals 300 cartons.
Q: Is it more expensive to have a color?

A: You can choose from 11 custom colors at no additional charge. Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green Apple, Metallic Blue, Sky Blue, Pink, Purple or Silver on select models. Mix and match your order with any number of these different colors.

 Q: How long will it take me to get my scooters?

A: Depending on the size of your order, manufacturing takes 15-45 business days. Delivery also depends on the shipping options you choose based on your order size and your location. FOB ocean freight shipping to the USA mainland is estimated as 22 days from the date of departure to the west coast and 35 days on the water to the east coast. Please allow for additional time for US Customs clearance and final destination delivery.

 Q: Do I get special discounts as an Authorized Retailer?

A: Yes. We offer many special incentives for Authorized Retailers according to the order size, from price breaks on quantities to discounted professional creative marketing and advertising solutions to suit your demographic. Your success is our success!

 Q: Do you only sell to companies that want to become Authorized Retailers or Distributors?

A: We will be happy to work with individuals. Triad Electric Vehicles is developing a diverse array of dealer relationships throughout the world.  The total number of personal electric vehicles worldwide will increase from 17 million in 2011 to 138 million by 2017. Annual sales of electric scooters will essentially double each year through 2017. The compound annual growth rate is expected to surpass 71% in North America alone. If you are looking for a new, profitable business model in an exciting and burgeoning industry, we are excited to hear from you.

Q: Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

A: All orders are custom manufactured to your specifications. We believe in providing the best quality product to our customers and will do all we can to assure your complete satisfaction. However, all sales are final from any and all sources of purchase of the Triad Electric Vehicle.

Q: Can I drive my Triad in the rain?

A: All the electrical components are sealed or are made to prevent moisture from entering your vehicle. However, it is an electrical device so we do ask that you refrain from operating your vehicle in heavy rain or through deep puddles. It is not intended to be driven in severe weather conditions. We also recommend that once you have completed your outdoor excursion that you dry your Triad off to prevent excess moisture from entering of your vehicle.

Q: Will my Triad drive through deep sand or up a hill paved in gravel?

A: The nature of any 3 wheeled vehicle may prevent you from operating it in deep, loose sand or gravel terrains. The addition of an incline with loose sediment on the road, whether sand or gravel may prevent, the front motor from gaining the traction it needs to climb the hill with a rider using the vehicle in operations. In this instance, to avoid the front wheel from spinning on these loose sediments and losing traction, it is recommended to walk the vehicle up that incline and continue operations once you have reached the peak level of the incline. The vehicle will operate with careful attention to the throttle on hardened compact gravel and on hardened compact sand on level ground with the operator in the standing position leaning forward and placing their body weight more closely at the front of the vehicle to ensure careful traction through torque can be applied for the purposes of  gaining momentum.  You may also need to approach any hill with momentum to capture the power required to travel up the incline.


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