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Custom build your wholesale order! Order multiple units at a wholesale price for Industrial, Commercial, Retail or Rental Use. View our product line or read more to learn what makes the Triad 750 the “Best in Class” personal electric vehicle of its kind.

The Electric Vehicle Industry. A $400 Billion  Forecast over the next decade.

Triad Electric Vehicles is the leader in the industry who continues to offer the most powerful, most reliable and highest quality 3 wheel personal electric vehicles available.

All of the Triad 750 models have improved technologies for safety and ease of maintenance, improved battery chemistries, and new colors. For more information call 855-648-7423 to speak with Triad Sales today.

Many profitable niches are emerging with electric vehicles just as the largest major sectors are changing in importance; the industrial and commercial sector is now bigger and much more profitable than electric automobiles, and is set to remain so for at least eight more years. The 10-year forecast across all EV sectors is set to exceed $400 Billion in revenues. How will you be positioned in the market?

According to IDTechEX research, the market cap in 2015 for personal electric vehicles was $8 Billion and is set to grow to 18.96% CAGR by 2023. The global market for batteries in light duty vehicles will grow from $1.6 billion in 2012 to almost $22 billion in 2020, according to Pike Research.

Triad Electric Vehicles is a direct manufacturer of custom built 3 wheel personal electric vehicles for adults with a growing roster of independent retailers and customers around the world and is recognized as the quality leader in the industry. The Triad 750 is the most trusted personal electric vehicle available and consistently outperforms all other imitation products with power and performance that exceeds expectations. Triad is proud to offer our clients and customers an entire line of vehicles that have bench-marked the new standard for quality, performance, reliability and value.

Triad Electric Vehicles has accomplished many revolutionary objectives and created a product that has been designed by Americans for Americans. Triad Electric Vehicles offers the lightest weight vehicles of their kind with most powerful motor up to 4X increased natural power and torque, up to 24X battery lifetime, larger frame sizes for bigger people, the highest quality parts and electrical components, rust preventative hardware, built in safety standards, ISO, CE, RoHS, and electro mechanical certifications, packaging and logistics, and much more. Just as important, Triad has built a brand that is trusted by consumers worldwide who are the true beneficiaries of the accomplishments we have earned. The national and international market is expanding and opportunities are here now for business owners, retailers and entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of this burgeoning marketplace. Are you ready to take advantage of  this profitable opportunity now?

Triad manufactures custom orders of personal electric vehicles for businesses that are ready to offer the most powerful and highest quality products of their kind to their customers. Ask about New Authorized Retailer special promotions, and take advantage of offering the most profitable 3 wheel personal electric vehicles available with a HUGE value package for your custom order of Triad 750 personal electric vehicles.

Contact Triad Electric Vehicles Sales at 1-855-648-7423 for information on how to place a wholesale order for your needs.

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The Triad 750 personal electric vehicle was originally designed to exceed the rigorous demands of a global rental market; which in turn made it the best 3 wheel personal electric vehicle in its class for retail sales.

The Triad 750 is 3 wheel scooter for adults is the highest quality, lightest weight, most powerful personal electric vehicle available. As an authorized retailer, meeting the needs of a very wide demographic to improve your chances for sales is optimal for growth. The Triad 750 is built to meet the needs of many types of customers.

The Triad 750 is positioned in the market at an affordable MSRP with excellent margins to our authorized retailers. In fact, many of our retailers have units sold before their shipment of custom made vehicles even arrives to their showroom!

Triad Electric Vehicles is committed to protecting your marketplace and investment in our product. Sales inquiries forwarded to us that are generated from your region are routed back to you as the authorized retailer so we can assist you and protect your market share. Each retail sale at MSRP captures a minimum 53% profit margin!

Triad is here to assist you in becoming successful in this exploding new market for personal electric vehicles and we are committed to the highest quality manufacturing, packaging and delivery of our products.

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Triad Electric Vehicles custom builds and distributes the most profitable personal electric vehicles for commercial wholesale buyers, entrepreneurs, rental companies and retailers who market the product directly to consumers. There are many incentives from Triad to get started as an authorized retailer. Wholesale orders for retail sale and rentals start at a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) for production and delivery.

Triad handles all aspects of your order from custom manufacturing options to final destination delivery to your location.

For more information on how to take advantage our business model in this burgeoning marketplace, please feel free to contact us at 1-855-648-7423 or email us at sales@triadmotion.com to answer any questions you may have.

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