Small Change, Big Difference

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Small Change Big Difference

A recent survey of Triad 750 owners shows that on average with their daily use of their Triad 750 personal electric vehicle they have reduced their annual gasoline usage by 350 gallons of fuel per year equaling approximately $1,250.00 in fuel savings over the 12 month study. The average of the participants’ reports indicate that they have effectively reduced their automobile mileage from 33.4 miles to 13.2 miles per day.

The cost of charging their Triad 750 personal electric vehicles is on average about .04 cents per day, and Triad 750 owners are only paying on average $14.60 per year to use their personal electric vehicles; which does not require a license or insurance to operate, in contrast to the $7,500.00 in annual operating costs of their automobiles which includes an average $250 per month auto loan payment, and does not include any annual automotive repair or maintenance costs.

With the addition of the Triad 750 personal electric vehicle to their daily lifestyle, some owners reported that they have reduced their annual automobile mileage by upwards of 7,300 miles per year and their auto insurance payments have in turn been reduced, saving them another $200 annually. The Triad 750 pays for itself in gasoline and auto insurance savings alone within the first 20 months of ownership and has a high capacity battery that lasts on average of 5 years, 1800 charge cycles or up to 36,000 miles.

Likewise, on average, each Triad 750 owner continues to effectively reduce their annual carbon emissions by 7,081 lbs. per year. Of the nearly 1000 Triad 750 personal electric vehicles now in operation in the world market, collectively, owners have not contributed to adding 7 million pounds of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. Additionally, 1 in 3 of Triad 750 owners surveyed mention that they have already or are considering a purchase of a hybrid electric automobile to continue to reduce their high automotive expenses and carbon emissions in the most economical way possible.

Many consumers are exited about electrified transportation and are looking to get involved in and personally take responsibility to combat climate change the best way they can. The successes that Triad Electric Vehicles has achieved during this electric transportation revolution has largely been based on providing consumers the most dependable and most affordable alternative for utilizing a personal electric vehicle within a 10 mile radius of their homes and work. This si the majority of time spent in, and miles put on their cars. Consumers are quickly adapting to the use of the Triad 750 for their daily tasks where walking or bicycling previously was not an option. The Triad 750 is being used by more and more consumers each day for short shopping trips, getting to the bank and post office, personal visits to friends and family nearby, getting to recreational facilities in gated communities, short commutes to work and other daily activities that require travelling a half mile to 10 mile radius in any outing.

For information on becoming a trusted retailer of the Triad 750 “best in class” most powerful, highest quality personal electric vehicle available visit, call 855-64-TRIAD or email

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Triad Electric Vehicles save money on auto expenses and reduce global CO2 emissions.

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