Triad 750 CSX – 3 Wheel Electric Scooters

electric scooters for sale, 3 wheel scooters for adults, electric scooters for adults Triad 750 CSX – 3 Wheel Electric Scooter Specifications:

The Triad 750 CSX has a longer frame with larger rear wheels which provide a much smoother ride, front disc and dual rear disc brakes, a flat foot platform with more legroom, better center of gravity for someone who will be seated more than standing, folding handlebar and it is the lightest 3 wheel electric scooter of its kind. The Triad 750 CSX weighs just 77 lbs. with the seat removed. Easily transportable it will fit in any vehicle with a hatchback including small cars and SUVs. Each Triad 750 CSX comes standard with the headlight, tail light and brake light as standard options, folding handlebar, removable seat and backrest, heavy duty suspension front forks, durable automotive grade tires and many other great features.

  • Colors: 6 Colors! Your choice of Black, Red, Yellow, Metallic Blue, Silver or Purple
  • Drive System: “Certified” 750 Watt motor with REVERSE function.
  • Speed: Up to 25 mph with adjustable 3 speed control based on your requirements.
  • Range: Up to 25 miles.
  • Front and Rear Disc Brakes: Fully adjustable floating caliper disc brake. The only vehicle of its kind with the ability to stop on inclines.
  • Battery: Fast-Charge Lightweight Dry Cell type.
  • Charging Time: 4 hours or less.
  • Charger: 110 volt heavy duty smart charger / 220 volt for EU and Australia.
  • Handlebar: Upgraded Folding Handlebar with improved locking mechanism.
  • Super Heavy Duty front suspension.
  • Tires: Front and rear pneumatic. 16” x 3” Front, 12” Rear
  • Completely removable seat.
  • Longer wheelbase for greater stability.
  • Improved center of gravity.
  • Extra Large Tail light and Brake light for safety.
  • Weight: 91 lbs.; 77 lbs. without the seat
  • Overall Length: 45”
  • Overall Width: 29”
  • Overall Height: 49.5″
  • Height Folded: 29″
  • Max Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Comes With: Assembly tools, unique set of ignition keys, built in surge protector, headlight, taillight, horn and more!



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