Electric Scooter Front Wheel Disc Brake

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Triad 750 – The only Scooters for Adults with Front Disc Brakes

The all new Front Wheel Disc Brake on your Triad 750 scooters for adults delivers maximum stopping power at any speed and on inclines up to 17 degree slopes.

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The Front Wheel Disc Brake included as a standard feature on your Triad 750 scooters for adults is not even available on other electric scooters. This fully adjustable, powerful front wheel disc brake gives you the reliability you need and depend on when slowing to a stop at any speed or while on inclines.

Drum brakes on other similar looking electric scooters for adults will not stop on inclines. They will roll backwards causing immediate danger to the operator of the electric scooter. Only the front wheel disc brake on your Triad 750 is powerful enough to stop you when you are climbing inclines to allow you to stop safely and exit the vehicle.

Additionally, only the Triad 750 includes a parking brake switch installed on the hand brake to keep your scooter parked securely in place. You can also use the parking brake during transport of your Triad 750 in your car or SUV. By placing the parking brake on, you can ensure that Triad 750 electric scooters for adults do not shift in the vehicle while in transit.

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